Inspired In Lockdown

Like a lot of musicians, the last six months have been testing to say the least and we have all lost substantial revenues. However, as the old saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”

Seeing my piers streaming their videos has been very enjoyable and entertaining, and I hope we can all start performing to a live audience very soon.

I was planning to perform a live stream session myself, but due to a wet Spanish spring my studio (man cave) got flooded. Thankfully I managed to rescue my equipment just in time, and then had to re-organise my studio in a temporary room.

All this did give me time to look at some new recordings and as always it is work in progress, however, I have finished one and another will be completed shortly.

Inspired by listening to Italian singer Mario Biondi, with his deep Barry White soulful voice. I just had to cover a couple of his songs from his ‘Handful of Soul’ Album. The first to complete was ‘Rio de Janeiro Blue’ which was itself a cover. The original was performed by Randy Crawford and Joe Samples. (song writers John Haeny and Richard Torrance)  

Take a listen to my vocal interpretation of ‘Rio de Janeiro Blue’ and feel free to email me your comments.

The next song is from the same album, I’m yet to complete it, but it will be ready very soon. I thought it rather poignant considering I live in the Mountains and isolated from the problems. ‘No Trouble On The Mountain’ is originally a funky jazz number by Richard Groove Holmes (organist) recorded in 1974. Then covered by Mario Biondi released in 2006.

I will let you know once my interpretation is complete.

Until then enjoy ‘Rio de Janeiro Blue’ be happy and most importantly stay safe!