A Glimpse Into The New LP From Campbell Bass

Nottingham jazz singer Campbell Bass is offering an insight into his most eclectic music yet. While remaining true to his own style he has written and recorded some new music. Using life experiences and his irresistible passion for music, he has written “Perfection”

A song that everyone can relate to as we strive through the pressures of life trying to better ourselves; ‘Perfection’ is something none of us can achieve, an ideal, an empty meaning behind a meaningful word that only leads to heart ache and disappointment for a lot of us. But once you start to question, do we need to better ourselves or do we need to learn and understand what are the most important things in life, perhaps then we achieve contentment and not ‘Perfection’?


Trying to define this powerful word was the inspiration behind the new track, you can feel the emotion that resonates throughout the song. ‘Perfection’

Giving fans an exclusive glimpse into his new LP, which will be completed early next year, the track is easily identified as a trademark Campbell Bass recording.

With influences from some of the biggest stars in the world there is something for everyone no matter what their musical tastes.

Song writing is one of Campbell’s ambitions; he loves to entertain audiences with his Jazz and Swing repertoire, but has always yearned to tap into his creative side with a wanting to write original material.