‘I Will Love You Tomorrow’ is an original song written by A. Bass and T. Foster that tells a story of distant love about child hood friends who grew up together, but one never new how the other felt.

Listen To The New EP From Campbell Bass

Nottingham Singer‘Nottingham singer Campbell Bass has taken time out from recording his new album; a collaboration with musician and composer Alan Walker to record an EP called SOLO. The songs are given that unique interpretation with a soulful vibe that is associated with Campbell Bass. It’s been a while and long overdue for Campbell to go into the studio to record an EP or Album, so take a listen to the three songs by clicking on the sound clips then to go to the NEW Audio page where you can now make your purchases. Enjoy!



Campbell updates Music-Promotions On His Hopes And Aspirations For The Coming Year


Nottingham Campbell Bass talks to Music-Promotions about his plans for the coming year. This is the second interview with the online music site.