To The Entertaining, Jazzy, Soulful World Of Campbell Bass

There’s quite a lot here for you to spend your time getting to know Campbell Bass, from the about page, gig dates, and the recently added Remix page that gives an insight into his collaboration with some very talented musicians, as he says, ‘It’s work in progress’.

It’s all there to browse at your leisure and if you’re looking to book Campbell for a Wedding, private party or corporate event and you would like to listen, then the audio page is for you; click video in the drop down box to see him performing a selection of songs from his show at The Adams Restaurant, then go to the testimonial page, have a read and hopefully all of those happy clients will give you the confidence that booking Campbell Bass will be the right choice.

There’s lots more to look at so please browse away and if you would like to book him or find out more, just click on the contact page and you should have everything answered within 24hrs.

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Nottingham singer Campbell Bass